Intro to Tech Entrepreneurship 

You don’t need an idea for a company, you don’t need a team - you just need to be interested in using your skills to solve problems with innovative solutions. The class will include guest speakers who will talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs or in a startup, case studies, and workshops. Each session will help students begin to understand how they can identify problems, create solutions, build products and start companies. We will then consider the basic building blocks for starting a company, and lead you to the resources you need should you choose to pursue entrepreneurship. Offered Fall and Spring Semesters.

RED Labs Pre-Accelerator Class

The RED Labs Pre-Accelerator is designed for students and faculty who want to start a technology company. Work with RED Labs as we help you with initial drafts of your business model, product-market fit, and getting started on customer validation. The class includes hands-on mentorship, guest speakers from Houston’s startup community, and curriculum based on startup methodology. You MUST have a technology or innovation-based startup idea to enroll. Apply to be apart of the class now. Offered Spring Semester.

Women in Entrepreneurship

The class aims to teach relevant entrepreneurial skills, provide support in reaching entrepreneurial goals, and address the unique issues and needs of women in leadership. The class covers hard skill topics including customer discovery, pretotyping, traction, legal considerations, and branding. The class also includes soft skill topics from how to set personal goals, to confidence and networking, to dealing with bias. Offered both Spring and Fall Semesters.

Creativity and Innovation

Check out the new Creativity & Innovation course (ENTR 4397, section 19987) summer 2020! This class will go over techniques to hone your creative skills and increase creative output. Then, you’ll learn how to use that skill to cultivate greater engagement in your life, spot opportunities, and solve important problems. Finally, we’ll discuss how to continue using creativity and innovation in a business to respond to changing times, technology, and challenges. This is a hybrid class that will “meet” virtually on Mondays and Wednesdays (4pm - 6pm) during the Summer 2 session (June 1 - July 1).⁠⠀