Rapidly launch your company

The RED Labs accelerator is an intensive full-time, 12-week program designed to launch and scale your startup as quickly as possible. RED Labs is operated in close collaboration with Rice University's startup accelerator, OwlSpark. Our curriculum provides you invaluable insight on a number of topics including funding, legal considerations, customer discovery, and many others.

Dedicated co-working space

Startups in both the RED Labs accelerator and Rice University's accelerator, OwlSpark, are granted free 24/7 access to a workspace in a co-working facility. In addition to the space itself, startups have access to a number of other resources, equipment, and supplies.

Network of mentors

Through RED Labs' connections, you and your co-founders will have access to an extensive list of startup mentors in the Houston area and beyond. These advisors and coaches come in the form of investors, successful startup founders, corporate and intellectual property attorneys, branding gurus... the list goes on and on.