The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) is a National Science Foundation initiative to boost the impact of academic research receiving NSF funding by helping researchers bring their innovations to the marketplace. RED Labs hosts a number of I-Corps workshops, lunch-n-learns, and other events throughout the year to help further these technological discoveries on their path to commercialization.

The “Intro to Tech Entrepreneurship” course is designed for students who are interested in tech entrepreneurship, and want to learn more about how to become an entrepreneur. You don’t need an idea for a company, you don’t need a team - you merely need to be interested in using your skills to solve problems with innovative solutions. The class will include guest speakers who will talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs or in a startup, case studies, and workshops. Each session will help students begin to understand how they can identify problems, create solutions, build products and start companies. We will then consider the basic building blocks for starting a company, and lead you to the resources you need should you choose to pursue entrepreneurship.

Every spring, the University of Houston's RED Labs and Rice University's OwlSpark programs co-organize a career fair to help students find jobs in Houston-based startups. If you are interested in finding a position in a high-growth startup company following your academic career, be on the lookout for more information about the RED Labs / OwlSpark Startup Career Fair.

The RED Labs Pre-Accelerator is designed for students and faculty who want to start a technology company. Work with RED Labs as we help you with initial drafts of your business model, product-market fit, and getting started on customer validation. The class includes hands-on mentorship, guest speakers from Houston’s startup community, and curriculum based on startup methodology.